Donnie Marple
Hometown: Keyser, WV
Current City: Nashville, TN
Drummer for Lee Brice/ Sessions

Answer: I started drumming at the age of 3 and am now 29… As far back as I can remember drumming was part of my life.

Answer: I don’t really no how or why I became a drummer. Something was definitely built in my brain to give me the desire to play. At the time, I believe I was inspired by our church drummer, Rick Jackson. I would sit in the front row and watch him play every Sunday. Eventually, I got enough nerve to jump up behind the kit, without permission, and started grooving. I don’t remember all of this but, all I know is I didn’t get in trouble and was instantly considered a prodigy.

Answer: My biggest source of inspiration would have to be Dave Weckl. I saw him when I was a sophomore in High School. He opened up a whole new world of drumming to me. I told myself at that concert that I someday want to make people feel the way he made me feel that night playing drums. Incredible experience that actually brought tears to my eyes.

Answer: Filet Mignon… There is nothing better than a perfectly cooked steak that melts in your mouth. I’m actually surprised I don’t eat it everyday.

Answer: I feel I would have pursued a career in Golf. Rather it be a PGA tour player, teaching professional, or turf manager, I love the sport and everything about it.

Answer: Coffee all the way. I just got a new espresso maker for Christmas and it has changed my life. I have always liked coffee but now I'm and addict. It is so rewarding creating your own latte recipes and I’m on my way to opening a barista sooner than later. LOL

Answer: I’m one of those drummers that doesn’t need 100 snare drums. I feel that having a couple versatile snare drums fit my needs better. My go to snare drum is a Ludwig Black Beauty. I own 8 snare drums and only use about half of them on a consistent basis.

Answer: My pre-show ritual is important to me. I warm up by listening to upbeat music, and play rudiments and exercises using the music as my click track. I get my hands nice and warm and tired. I try to take at least a 15 minute break before show time. I feel that warming up hard then having a moment of zen is key to prepping for that first downbeat of the set.

Answer: Post show is usually pretty chill. Lee and the band usually recap the show and go over any notes or changes that can make the set better. Its always good to celebrate a good show and we don’t have trouble with that at all.

Answer: Do you mean what “Isn’t” my favorite guilty pleasure fast food spot!? If I had to pick one though it would be Sonic. Great burgers, tots, and flavored colas. What’s not to love.

Answer: My most embarrassing moment happened at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Our steel player had a bug fly in his gin and tonic on stage and he didn’t realize it. He then took a sip and instantly spit the drink out all over me and the my drum set. Well, this got me laughing and I couldn’t stop. People were looking at me like I was crazy and I know I looked it. This happened to be the first stadium I ever played in front of 70,000 people and I hardly remember it because I laughed uncontrollably though the whole set.

Answer: My favorite non-drumming hobby would be golfing. Golfing is such a release from being stuck on the bus. It gets pretty competitive out here having a lot of golfers in the band and crew, including Lee. It’s challenging, and it makes you think, which I’m a fan of.

Answer: Briefs… “Hands down” my favorite.

Answer: HOT FOR TEACHER… Grabs you instantly and gets you pumped up! Makes you feel your’e in the front row at a Van Halen Concert.

Answer: I choose Adam Argullin Mallets because it makes me feel they are designed just for me. Having the custom color option is awesome, but having it feel exactly how you want it to feel is even better. These mallets have character and do the job better than any other mallets I’ve ever tried.